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Costa Rica
Burning Man
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Born with the soul of an adventurer, the first Halloween costume I remember was as Indiana Jones, complete with a whip made out of an old belt. Sadly, I didn't understand that I had this intense desire to explore the world and share its beauty with people until a few years ago. I had to come to the realization through years of collecting wisdom from my travels and seeing how it changed me, excited me, intrigued me.

It took a friend encouraging me to showcase my photography in a city-wide art show to make me realize that I could capture images that move people, showing them a side of the world that they may not have realized was there. This experience provided me with the confidence to explore my love of writing. After taking an intense 8-week online course, I was able to write an article that was published in National Geographic Traveler magazine.

As an explorer, I seek out unique places from which to view the world. Whether on a mountaintop, in a desert or sailing the sea, changing my perspective is essential to achieve wisdom not only about the workings of the world, but of myself. As a photographer and writer, I bring the world to others through my eyes, lens, and words. To capture a magical moment and share it is like passing along a secret, from the world, through me, to you.

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